Greater Cincinnati District Chapter 119

Next Chapter Meeting: Saturday, April 21st.  (See Activities tab for details)


Mini-workshop, Portrait Prep, by John Middick.

John Middick, author of the Sharpened Artist, will conduct a mini-workshop reviewing the same principles offered in his on-line version. This event is opened to public and offered to members at a special reduced price.


Introduction to Fur by Deb Marvin

This instructional program is free to all current member and first-time visitors. Deb will describe her approach to rendering fur ...

2018  Exhibition. This exhibition is open to members as well as non-members and will be held at Switch C on Fourth Street downtown Cincinnati ...

2018 Workshop

Tracy Fein

This years workshop will be held on October 13th & 14th at the Union Township Building.

We will experiment accomplishing portraiture in tones of black and white on drafting film. Each value is stripped away from the surface with an eraser to expose the hidden layers as he retains a textured surface. His process could called “Drawing by Subtraction”…

Lost Muse, Tracy Frein, CPSA, CPX


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